Guidebook for preparation of the Basic Geological Map of the Republic of Srpska 1:50 000

The Guidebook for preparation of the Basic Geological Map of the Republic of Srpska  1:50 000 (in further text – GM-50) is adopted by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining under the Law on the Geological Researches (Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska, No 51/04 and 75/10). The bearer of the Guidebook preparation is the Republic Survey for Geological Researches.

This Guidebook determines the shape, purpose and manner of the preparation the GM-50, a methodology of mapping volcanic, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, a methodology of tectonic researches and the manner and scope of specific test and observations of geomorphologic, minerogenic, engineering-geological, hydrogeological, eco-geological, paleomagnetic, seismologic and other occurrences.    

The GM-50 is the result of the second phase of geological researches of the territory of the Republic of Srpska. It is created for the complete territory of the Republic of Srpska in the aim of detailed and complete acquaintance with its geological structure and complete geological potentials. 

The GM-50 is important and indispensable part of the Geological Information System of the Republic of Srpska. It is created in accordance with modern software programs and tools of the Geographical Information System (GIS), which enables the forming of the database of the Republic of Srpska. The base of mapping information system and its “layers” is the forming of the database and its visualization, and also the possibility of further processing through the analyses, simulations and other available geological means of data processing. The technique and structure of preaparing the GM-50 in the GIS provide flexibility and possibility for content expanding not only for new classes, entities and attributes, but also for future technological evolution of the GIS and other computer technologies. The GM-50 is a documentation map, formed through sheets of the Greenwich division in the scale 1:50 000. The mentioned topographic base is used for creating the final version of a geological map. The sheets in the scale 1:25 000 or 1:10 000 are used for the terrain works and the preparing of the working version of a map.

For the areas built of Tertiary sediments, beside a geological map of the terrain surface, there is also a map which shows the geological structure of Tertiary sediment sublayer, and if the practical need existed (occurrences of mineral resources bearings, groundwater etc) the maps of characteristic Tertiary horizons would be created.

The GM-50 is always followed by the textual view – the Booklet, with the detailed description of the geological structure, origin and history of the terrain shown in the sheets of a surface and subsurface map.

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