Mineral resource potential of Zvornik municipality

In the territory of the Zvornik municipality the deposits and occurrences of different mineral resources have been explored and determined: metallic and non-metallic mineral resources, construction materials and mineral and fresh waters, which represent significant economic resources.

These are mostly the results of the intensive geological researches before the last war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The war stopped almost all research activities and the recovery and initiation of production is on the low level. Some processing capacities stopped work, and some new are in opening phase.

The Republic Survey for Geological Researches from Zvornik prepared this study with the aim of integrating and complementing of existing research documentation in the area of Zvornik municipality and promotion of these resources according to the potential investors and optimal investments. 

The study “Mineral resource potential of the territory of Zvornik municipality” (conditions, prospective) was executed on the occasion of 600 hundred years of existence of Zvornik, as effort of the Survey to contribute further affirmation of geological researches, finding new mineral resources and the expansion of existing ones.

The Study had been prepared based on the documentation of the Republic Survey for Geological Researches from Zvornik and Zvornik municipality. Particularly worthy is the edition “Mineral resources of Bosnia and Herzegovina” together with numerous project, reviews, elaborates, studies and all other documentation given in the list of used literature at the end of the Study.

All parties interested in detailed information on the bearings of the mineral resources are referred to the study of original documentation. Great part of it is collected and presented in this Study with the aim of attracting potential investors for further researches.

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