Geo. inf. system

Geological Information System

The Geological Survey, as many other organizations within the ministries of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, is responsible for collecting, storage and analyzing of the data and information in its working area, from the first geological explorations in the territory of the Republic of Srpska until today.

The increased requirements of relevant geological information from many different users (ministries, scientific and research institutes, different professional organizations, especially in the area of geology etc.) request the existence of such information system. The important task for the Geological Survey in the future is to create geological data management system with the possibility of efficient data delivery to an end user. In that aim, the Geological Survey was reorganized in 2009 and the Department of Geological Information System and the Central Geological Archives was established.

Current activities of the Department are connected to the establishment of thematic groups of the future Information System (feature datasets), its spatial presentation elements (feature classes), and to the attributing of its relevant elements (mostly through the personal geodatabase tables).

Geological Information System of the Republic of Srpska has been developing in accordance with the following long-termed aims:

  • Integration of management and development of informatics in the area of geology in the Republic of Srpska
  • Implementation of common procedures in collecting, storage and delivery of the data
  • Standardization of efficient information stream, based on the unique IT equipment
  • Better utilization of human, technical and financial resources of the Geological Survey
  • Improvement of the presentation and marketing of the Republic Geological Survey and its activities and therefore the Ministry and the Government and the Republic of Srpska. It is necessary to keep in mind the need of compatibility with the future common Information System of the Republic of Srpska.

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