About us

About us

Geological Survey of the Republic of Srpska is a Government body. The Survey is a part of the Ministry of Energy and Mining with head office in Zvornik. 

The Geological Survey provide basic geological exploration on the scale of the Republic of Srpska. The activities of the Survey are in the line with Strategy of the basic geological explorations of the Republic of Srpska adopted by the parliament in 2014.

The activities includes:  preparation of geological maps of the different scale and purposes; performing of the basic geological, engineergeological and hydrogeological explorations and explorations of mineral resources (metallic, non-metallic, energy); preparation of different studies in the area seismic-tectonic, geoecology, landslide susceptibility, groundwater vulnerability, geothermal energy etc;  establishing the Central Geological Archives (fund, library) of the Republic of Srpska; digitalization of the Archive documentation; establishing of the Geological Information System (GIS) of the Republic of Srpska; preparation of mid-term and long-term strategies of geological explorations; assisting to the Ministry in preparation of legal policy in the area of geological explorations; other tasks in accordance with the Law and the Government and the Ministry request.

Geological Survey of the Republic of Srpska is associated member of the EuroGeoSurvey. It has signed memorandums about cooperation with geological surveys of the PR China, Austria, Serbia and Croatia.

The Survey participated in numerous geological international project in the past (DIKTAS, GeoERA, GeoCradle, DARLINGe etc).

The employees of the Geological Surveys are members of different professional bodies and commissions (ICPDR, IWA, IAH etc).

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